Bon Iver – Beth / Rest

Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I put on the good headphones for this one and mistook the creaky piano bench for a serial killer slowly opening my door getting ready for the kill. Sick, I know. So let this song wash all that away for you.

Source: Hypetrak



Stream the entire mixtape here

Put Drake on it, and I’m all in.

Wheres all the women at, could still remember who they slept with?
Where’s all the girls too busy studying to make the guest list?
But when you do go out, you still working with what you was blessed with
Do it girl, I’ll be your King, be a Queen Latifah
I love ya ass like Milhouse love Lisa
I love ya ass like the ninja turtles love pizza
Ironically enough, you something I want a piece of

Yes, this guy above got himself on a track with The Game and Lil Wayne. Unfortunately, Weezy doesn’t participate beyond the hook, but it’s still a pretty good track. The rest of The Games R.E.D. album drops next week on the 23rd.

It took a while, but the song is on SoundCloud which means I can finally post this. Should be a radio track just like everything these two touch. Hopefully this is a good indicator of where the rest of the Carter IV is heading because I don’t feel like being let down like I was with Sorry For the Wait.

I’m glad I can finally like an Alex Winston track. I absolutely did not enjoy Sister Wife, something about it that I really didn’t enjoy, and the video made it even worse. I can finally upgrade Alex Winston to my watch list, but that’s about it. Enjoy this one though.

Source: Hypetrak

I’m putting this song up in the interest of putting up material. I don’t remember where or when I heard this first, but it’s just another Mike Posner hit. Please make sure you’re still not sleepin on him.