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I can’t listen to this at work because I left my headphones at home, and I don’t have speakers here at work. That’s not important because I know this will be good.

Along with this remix comes a tour announcement. However, the dates announced ¬†aren’t done. At least there’s no possible way they left out DC, NYC and LA… At least that’s what I’m telling myself. The “Night Falls Tour” will start right after their series of music festival performances. Check out dates and buy tickets here, or if you’re from DC, NYC or LA you can weep softly in your room until they announce more dates.

Tour includes Mayer Hawthorne (Awesome) for all of the tour and Breakbot for the second half of the tour. This lineup is crazy good so DO NOT MISS OUT!


Very important question; who is the girl in the video and how did she get out of my dreams and into this fine piece of work. The song’s good too, but right now that’s not my focus.