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When I first heard Stereo Hearts, I was pretty unmoved. I used to be a pretty good Gym Class Heroes fan, but of course GCH has kind of deviated from their original feel. But then I heard the Collin McLoughlin cover, I definitely gave it another chance. I think the Collin McLoughlin cover is a touch better, but I can’t help but feel that GCH might have another radio hit on their hands. Give both a listen, but if not, at least watch the video of Collin McLoughlin covering it in a medley of other songs you all may or may not like.


This is a good enough song for me to post. Put Bruno Mars on a chorus and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn good track period. I’m not really crazy about Bad Meets Evil in general, but this is good/ not very them. I’m sure the radios will make sure I’m tired of this one very soon.

Saw it first at G.M.A.D.