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Just another reason to look forward to the Night Falls Tour

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The B-side of the Halocene single. Can we just get a cover album already, this stuff is pretty damn great.

This is some great music that makes you want to fall in love… I’m really sorry, that was so cheesy, but it’s true.

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When I first heard Stereo Hearts, I was pretty unmoved. I used to be a pretty good Gym Class Heroes fan, but of course GCH has kind of deviated from their original feel. But then I heard the Collin McLoughlin cover, I definitely gave it another chance. I think the Collin McLoughlin cover is a touch better, but I can’t help but feel that GCH might have another radio hit on their hands. Give both a listen, but if not, at least watch the video of Collin McLoughlin covering it in a medley of other songs you all may or may not like.

Let it be known that on this blog, MIKE POSNER IS THE MOTHER FUCKIN MAN

That’s all

I’m really sorry about the picture, it’s literally the ONLY picture of Chet Faker, but this (unlike the picture) is one sexy cover of No Diggity. You remember the Blackstreet hit, don’t you? Anyways, enjoy this. Try to keep your clothes on. Or not, I don’t really care.

Right click to download here.

Surprisingly, my favorite song off this cover album is not the Chromeo cover. Maybe it’s because I’ve never heard “Little Person” or Jon Brion before, but this is one damn good track.

I’m not really sure about what happened to the original mediafire download page, so if you didn’t grab it earlier that sucks for you, you’ll just have to click on the jump to go to the soundcloud page of some guy who uploaded the album and download the tracks one at a time.

And somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
I’ll find a second little person
Who will look at me and say…