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When I see the words “House” or “Electro” I’m usually immediately giving the heisman to the song. However, Ford Mustang is something you just can not miss out on. Just melts my ears it’s so damn hot. Listen to Lick the Rainbow and tell me that the 1:30 mark doesn’t make you grin and go “Yeeeaaaahhhhhh”. I am urging all of you to give it a listen. Only word I can use to describe it is SICK.

Anyways, the point is that Mord Fustang has graced us with another track today, so make sure you get a taste of this too.

A New World

Lick the Rainbow


So I guess everyone takes a summer vacation which might be why there doesn’t seem to be a lot of new music… We’ll just go with this Oh Land remix (which apparently will never be put on soundcloud). But tell me this dubstep mix doesn’t make you feel nasssty.

Let it be known that on this blog, MIKE POSNER IS THE MOTHER FUCKIN MAN

That’s all