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I like these story telling songs from Eminem a lot, and his videos are always a great watch.

Why didn’t I get 100 phone calls to tell me Sasha Grey was in a music video? Thanks for nothing.


Weezy does a Stan Pt. 2 that won’t be on the Carter IV. People who didn’t enjoy “How To Love” should be pretty happy with this one. I’m sure links will keep getting broken up, so I will keep trying to keep it going.

Source and Download: Pigeons and Planes. Above link is via Hypetrak

This is a good enough song for me to post. Put Bruno Mars on a chorus and you’ve got yourself a pretty damn good track period. I’m not really crazy about Bad Meets Evil in general, but this is good/ not very them. I’m sure the radios will make sure I’m tired of this one very soon.

Saw it first at G.M.A.D.