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You don’t have to like the music Tyler makes, but don’t judge the kid off of that. He got to work with one of his favorite artists that he grew up listening to, how can you not be happy for someone that geeks out voer something like that? Just a kid having fun.


This Frank Ocean business is crazy. Here comes a leak according to Hypetrak. This is the reason I refresh these sites constantly. I may have a problem. This isn’t a song that blows me away or anything, I do like it and all, it’s just not like the tracks on Nostalgia. But still, Frank Ocean is my dude, love everything he does. When an untagged version comes up, it’ll be here



A big thanks for the heads up from Good Music All Day on this previously unreleased Frank Ocean track. I’ll take all I can get. Don’t forget to look out for Frank on the Watch The Throne album with Jay-Z and Kanye.

If you don’t like Tyler’s music I have no problem with that. Not everyone likes the same things and I have no problem with that, but the kid has good taste in music himself. Offered yesterday was an hour mix of some of his favorite summertime tracks, and it’s definitely cool. And the whole DJ Stank Daddy thing makes me chuckle.  Play/stream it on a nice summer day while you chill/drive/whatever. I couldn’t find a soundcloud upload until today. Foolish me. Enjoy


Download it here from G.M.A.D.

So the news here is that  MellowHype (comprised of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from Odd Future) is getting a commercial release of the BlackenedWhite mixtape… well, album starting July 12th. This Wolf Gang shit is blowin up fast, except not really. BlackenedWhite came out October. Free. So I don’t know what these record labels are expecting with this and Frank Ocean’s release, but I guess we’ll see. What really needs to happen is the record labels should be promoting these free mixtapes to generate more hype for new material. But I’m probably wrong, we’ll find out July though (I think I’m always right btw).

Chordaroy won’t make the commercial cut because they can’t use Earl Sweatshirt’s vocals. Somebody bring that kid back please.  But thank god we have Frank Ocean, amiright? This was my favorite track from the mixtape, so enjoy this.

News source is Hypetrak.

I can’t believe we already have our first official Frank Ocean music video. Shit is blowin up for the guy and aI couldn’t be happier for him. The video is for Acura Integurl, which is not on the Nostalgia, ULTRA mixtape. You can find it on the Lonny Breaux collection if you look hard enough, I don’t know how easy it is to find now. I highly recommend also listening to Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) which was not on the mixtape as well. Now excuse me while I do backflips.

Frank Ocean “Acura Integurl” from Team OnSMASH on Vimeo.

This is about as close of a gentle side to the Odd Future front man you will ever get. With that being said, it’s still very Tyler.

I’m getting gassed up, I think she’s liking me
She’s gullible, and I just wanna take it like a pirate

Goblin came out yesterday, go out and support the man. Get the deluxe edition in stores, or go ahead and download a few tracks on itunes (Check out Yonkers, She feat Frank Ocean, Analog, and Nightmare)

If you’re not into Tyler yet, or the Wolf Gang in general, let it sink in. Sit around, take it in. You’ll come around