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Don’t look at me, I personally didn’t leak the album. And it’s leaked, what do you want me to do about it? I will say, definitely go out and buy the album on May 23rd and support support support these guys.

Edit: I chose some harsh words. Somebody ruined my day be acting like they’ve been listening to Pumped Up Kicks for forever but in reality I know they didn’t hear it till about 1 month ago. Act like you’ve known it for however long you’ve actually known it for, then maybe I won’t get so mad. This is still a little scolding, I’ll stop right here.


Found this track from New Music Collective, and I think it’s perfect timing. I know the titles about spring, but I get a summery feel from it. It’s summery enough that I’ll add it to my summer playlist for now.

So what’s with the weird group photo? That’s them. All of them. The only 2 things I can tell you about them is 1) They’re Swedish and 2) They are a 20+ person collective… Maybe they can start to think about catching up to Odd Future. I’m gonna slap the Indie tag because I don’t know what else they would be, but let me know if you have a problem with that. Otherwise, let this be a nice welcome to the summer.

I don’t know too much about the Australian quartet known as Strange Talk, but I do know that I really enjoy this track and I am┬áDEFINITELY keeping my eye on them. Moves will be made I’m sure, and more heat is to come from them. This song is catchy, and the sounds of the group have been compared to Phoenix, Yeasayer (who I’m not really a fan of), and Two Door Cinema Club (I could listen to them all year round). ┬áJust nod your head to this one.