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I honestly thought that The Knux were gonna be the next big thing after I heard Bang Bang for the first time. I promptly ordered the album, and as soon as I popped that sucker in I had never been more disappointed in my life. I think that was when I swore I would never buy another CD for the rest of my life. But this single with the man on the moon has me convinced that they could recover from that.

Bonus Track: Bang Bang


It was about 2 years ago when reports came out that this track was recorded with Clipse and then that was about it until today. This appears to be finished on Cudi’s part, but no sign of Malice or Pusha T at all. That’s ok, I like this the way it is except for the fact that it’s only 2 minutes long. Still a good listen, you can tell this was meant to be a track for Man On The Moon.