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This might as well become a Drake and Frank Ocean blog because that’s all that seems to catch my attention these days. This is better than the last track released, “I’m So Proud”. “The Real Her” is an improvement, and I’m loving the production quality on this. Take Care releases November 14th, and it doesn’t look like that date will move around any more. We can officially get excited.

Source: Hypetrak


It took a while, but the song is on SoundCloud which means I can finally post this. Should be a radio track just like everything these two touch. Hopefully this is a good indicator of where the rest of the Carter IV is heading because I don’t feel like being let down like I was with Sorry For the Wait.

If you weren’t aware before, Weezy will remind you in every single song that he is genuinely sorry for the wait on Carter IV. It’s ok Weezy, this will do.

Below you can stream the album via souncloud minus the “Tunechi’s Back” track, but you all can find that somewhere else. You can download the mixtape here with Tunechi’s Back

Weezy does a Stan Pt. 2 that won’t be on the Carter IV. People who didn’t enjoy “How To Love” should be pretty happy with this one. I’m sure links will keep getting broken up, so I will keep trying to keep it going.

Source and Download: Pigeons and Planes. Above link is via Hypetrak

Been out all day but holy fuck did I miss I big one today. It’s a different sound from Weezy and the man can do it all. This is just amazing, I fucking CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE CARTER IV!

Heard it on Hypetrak first, downloaded it at G.M.A.D.

It’s ABOUT DAMN TIME I heard a new track with Drake. It’s also about time I heard another song from Khaled that I liked. Love the beat, love hearing Drizzy singin, Rick Ross is fat, and Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne. Please tell me you’re listening by now.

Fuck it, I’m on one