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Stream the entire mixtape here


If you weren’t aware before, Weezy will remind you in every single song that he is genuinely sorry for the wait on Carter IV. It’s ok Weezy, this will do.

Below you can stream the album via souncloud minus the “Tunechi’s Back” track, but you all can find that somewhere else. You can download the mixtape here with Tunechi’s Back


I remember being so into Jhene when she was with Omarion and then nothing happened with her career. I hear her other stuff has a niche on the internet, but I wouldn’t know… but good for her never stopping. Now she’s got tracks with Kanye and Drake on her new mixtape, and she’s still sexy. The song’s are still cheesy, but anything with Drake in it is more than alright with me. Get the whole Sailing Soul mixtape here. I’m not crazy about it, but it’s worth the mention, plus I haven’t really been as active with posting as I would like to be. Woops, whatever

Source: G.M.A.D.

So the news here is that  MellowHype (comprised of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from Odd Future) is getting a commercial release of the BlackenedWhite mixtape… well, album starting July 12th. This Wolf Gang shit is blowin up fast, except not really. BlackenedWhite came out October. Free. So I don’t know what these record labels are expecting with this and Frank Ocean’s release, but I guess we’ll see. What really needs to happen is the record labels should be promoting these free mixtapes to generate more hype for new material. But I’m probably wrong, we’ll find out July though (I think I’m always right btw).

Chordaroy won’t make the commercial cut because they can’t use Earl Sweatshirt’s vocals. Somebody bring that kid back please.  But thank god we have Frank Ocean, amiright? This was my favorite track from the mixtape, so enjoy this.

News source is Hypetrak.

More from The Weeknd, and with this track, more hype than ever should be put on the upcoming Thursday mixtape. I don’t even know what to do with myself when I listen to this. I CANT WAIT. I hope lots of babies are made to his music.

But until then, I got you. Baby I got you

Download it from here