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So this sucks. There are only three dates, and these are the dates:

Nov. 5: New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
Nov. 6: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
Nov. 15: Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theater

And the worst part is that if you’re looking for NYC tickets, you are seriously out of luck, because according to Def Jam’s twitter, the tickets for Bowery Ballroom sold out in 12 minutes. This is absolutely insane if you took 1 second to think about it, because there was zero indication of this small tour happening, no promotions, no twitter announcement or tumblr, nothing. How does this happen?

Anyways, if you’re still looking to get tickets at the El Ray Theater in Los Angeles or New Orleans House of Blues, go ahead and get them Ticketmaster here.

If you’re like me and not close enough to attend those three shows, you can pray that this tour expands to other cities. Otherwise, I guess you can enjoy the Thinking About You and Swim Good videos. Frank Ocean tour, I can’t believe I slept on that…

Frank Ocean – Thinking About You (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

frank ocean [swim good] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

You lucky Europeans need to hop on top of these dates
11/8 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Bitterzoet
11/9 – Paris, France @ Le Social Club
11/11 – London, England @ XOYO

I don’t know where to get these tickets. But I’m gonna guess that if you’re too late, you’re stuck hitting up stubhub like us Americans have to. Unless stubhub doesn’t exist in Europe, in which case, I really don’t know what to tell you.


The video is out, I think earlier than it was supposed to but who the fuck cares. What do you think?

Tyler the Creator – She (featuring Frank Ocean) from MacDre on Vimeo.

Tyler, The Creator “She” (feat. Frank Ocean) from Team OnSMASH on Vimeo.

Don’t laugh at me, but I don’t know how to embed this, so here’s a link to the snippet, or you can just listen to it on his blog.

Took me a few days, but here’s a soundcloud player for the snippet.

This is a different sound than we’re used to from Frank Ocean which just means we really have no idea how talented this guy really is. Only question is WHEN WILL THE WHOLE SONG DROP?! Soon apparently, and no, it’s not on the re-release of Nostalgia, ULTRA Also, the She video from Tyler feat. Frank will drop tomorrow so definitely check in here for that ASAP.

Bitch, I’m a PLAYER now

So the news here is that  MellowHype (comprised of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain from Odd Future) is getting a commercial release of the BlackenedWhite mixtape… well, album starting July 12th. This Wolf Gang shit is blowin up fast, except not really. BlackenedWhite came out October. Free. So I don’t know what these record labels are expecting with this and Frank Ocean’s release, but I guess we’ll see. What really needs to happen is the record labels should be promoting these free mixtapes to generate more hype for new material. But I’m probably wrong, we’ll find out July though (I think I’m always right btw).

Chordaroy won’t make the commercial cut because they can’t use Earl Sweatshirt’s vocals. Somebody bring that kid back please.  But thank god we have Frank Ocean, amiright? This was my favorite track from the mixtape, so enjoy this.

News source is Hypetrak.

So it blew my mind when I heard Frank Ocean ON THE MOTHER FUCKIN RADIO TODAY. Not a total surprise though since yesterday there were reports of Island Def Jam selling the web’s most discussed mixtape, Nostalgia, ULTRA. That’s right; Def Jam is going to put into stores a mixtape that has been highly downloaded for free on the internet. Novacane will also be the first single.

But, as excited as I got, I was just as quick to be disappointed when in came in some terrible verse from some random rapper. Maybe it was just the radio station tryin to get cute, so I won’t jump to any conclusions.

All this news has me torn; I’m REALLY excited for Frank Ocean, but I want to just kick Def Jam so hard that they choke on their nuts on the way up. I’m pretty sure Frank felt that way too. If you don’t know the story, let me boil it down for you:

Frank Ocean has been signed to Def Jam Records for quite some time now. He had an album ready, but Def Jam decided to just let the thing sit and gather dust. They never released it. So Frank decides to release online as a mixape, FREE OF CHARGE. Mixtape drops and the shit catches FIRE. So much fire that Def Jam decided to try to fix their relationship with him and are now planning on releasing the album in July. No word on the songs to make the final cut. How bad was the relationship between artist and record label? This tweet says it all:

I haven’t read anything on Frank Oceans feelings on the decision to have a store release of the album, but I’m sure he’s pretty mixed about it. Anyways, enjoy this, and let’s just hope for the best for him. I just want him to be able to make more music, and only the music that he wants to make. Best of luck to you Frank. Seriously.