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From the upcoming “4” album, this was the 2nd most interesting track to me because I couldn’t wrap my mind around Beyonce being on a track with Andre 3000. Thought I was seeing a typo, but after triple checking sources that seemed to be correct. Also has a little bit of Kanye West (who was also co-producer with Consequence). Sample is from  Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s “La Di Da Di”. It’s only a matter of time till we find out which song Frank Ocean wrote…

Source: Hypetrak

I miss Outkast…

And why would I have chosen the album cover as the featured pic for this post, ITS BEYONCE there are a million other pictures I would rather look at of her








I have to be the only person working in the entire world. While everyone else is out at the beach, I’m typing this. But happy Memorial day. I’ll try to figure out what this holiday is for by the end of the day. But for now you can listen to this and enjoy the summer weather (hopefully wherever you are it’s nice out).

Sample is from a Sara Bareilles song, Many the Miles

New song from Drizzaaaayy, according to what I’m reading on Hypetrak this is allegedly the intro track to the Take Care album. Album rumored to be released September 13th, and I CAN NOT WAIT. Thank Me Later was some serious heat, and so is this track. Drake on the track:

“A song that I felt the need to share. Not my single. Just a piece of my story. Hear me out though…Take Care.”

Anyways, enjoy this, and if you wondering (I know you weren’t, but) the sample is from Jai Paul’s BTSTU. And yes, that is Dave 1 of Chromeo with Drake in the pic (I know you don’t care, again).

We got some company comin overrrrrr.
Would it kill you to put some paaants onnnnnn

I am seriously enjoying all of these great sample choices going around. Mac Miller goin with a Five For Fighting sample. Really surprised this is the first noteworthy use of the Superman song. Just listen and enjoy.

Heard it from G.M.A.D.