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Put Drake on it, and I’m all in.

Wheres all the women at, could still remember who they slept with?
Where’s all the girls too busy studying to make the guest list?
But when you do go out, you still working with what you was blessed with
Do it girl, I’ll be your King, be a Queen Latifah
I love ya ass like Milhouse love Lisa
I love ya ass like the ninja turtles love pizza
Ironically enough, you something I want a piece of


Yes, this guy above got himself on a track with The Game and Lil Wayne. Unfortunately, Weezy doesn’t participate beyond the hook, but it’s still a pretty good track. The rest of The Games R.E.D. album drops next week on the 23rd.

I’m not really a fan of The Game, but if he somehow got Justin Timberlake to come out and drop a track, I’m all about that. This song was supposed to appear on the R.E.D. album, and the video was shot and everything. Nothing ever happened with it though as though we all just dreamed about it. Well the video got leaked (I guess it’s a leak since it wasn’t officially) and it’s definitely a very Pharrell influenced track.