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Stream the entire mixtape here


I know there are versions of this song that mashup the two versions, but all of those are kind of sloppy. This will hold me over while I wait for Drake and The Weeknd to actually do a song together. I can wait I suppose, I’ve gone this long in my life without a real collaboration, whats another few months/years/century?

When the hell can we get The Birds Pt. II is what I’m really about

Listen here, there are only two things you need to take away from this site.

1) I can’t seem to keep up with broken links. I swear at one point or another, these all worked.

2) There are at this point 2 artists you need to stop sleepin on before I reach out your monitor and slap you. Those two artists are Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. We all know Frank has already made it onto the airwaves with Novacane, it’s only a matter of time until The Weeknd has a radio appropriate track. Today we have some new material from The Weeknd, so enjoy this. Let’s hope the link doesn’t break.

The best part is at the end. High five me if you agree

More from The Weeknd, and with this track, more hype than ever should be put on the upcoming Thursday mixtape. I don’t even know what to do with myself when I listen to this. I CANT WAIT. I hope lots of babies are made to his music.

But until then, I got you. Baby I got you

Download it from here

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino said it best when he was asked about The Weeknd:
This is really good, this is like scary R&B

That’s pretty much it. This track isn’t scary, but it is scary good.

Download this song and 3 other previously unreleased songs from G.M.A.D.

I really enjoy reference tracks… that is, if the reference track is for a song that has been released already. This was a track that was laid down by The Weeknd for Drake… But obviously, we have never heard this one before, so it’s not as exciting (for me at least). It still is worth sharing though, so enjoy.