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Yes, this guy above got himself on a track with The Game and Lil Wayne. Unfortunately, Weezy doesn’t participate beyond the hook, but it’s still a pretty good track. The rest of The Games R.E.D. album drops next week on the 23rd.


You don’t have to like the music Tyler makes, but don’t judge the kid off of that. He got to work with one of his favorite artists that he grew up listening to, how can you not be happy for someone that geeks out voer something like that? Just a kid having fun.

If you don’t like Tyler’s music I have no problem with that. Not everyone likes the same things and I have no problem with that, but the kid has good taste in music himself. Offered yesterday was an hour mix of some of his favorite summertime tracks, and it’s definitely cool. And the whole DJ Stank Daddy thing makes me chuckle. ¬†Play/stream it on a nice summer day while you chill/drive/whatever. I couldn’t find a soundcloud upload until today. Foolish me. Enjoy


Download it here from G.M.A.D.

The video is out, I think earlier than it was supposed to but who the fuck cares. What do you think?

Tyler the Creator – She (featuring Frank Ocean) from MacDre on Vimeo.

Tyler, The Creator “She” (feat. Frank Ocean) from Team OnSMASH on Vimeo.

This is about as close of a gentle side to the Odd Future front man you will ever get. With that being said, it’s still very Tyler.

I’m getting gassed up, I think she’s liking me
She’s gullible, and I just wanna take it like a pirate

Goblin came out yesterday, go out and support the man. Get the deluxe edition in stores, or go ahead and download a few tracks on itunes (Check out Yonkers, She feat Frank Ocean, Analog, and Nightmare)

If you’re not into Tyler yet, or the Wolf Gang in general, let it sink in. Sit around, take it in. You’ll come around