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This song marks the day I offically look forward to the Big Sean album on June 28th (for now at least, you know how rappers love to push back dates)

Alright, so pretty much every song on this album leaked by the end of yesterday, and I mean just about every last one of them. So Big Sean did the modern day thing and released the entire on Soundcloud for your streaming pleasures. So check out Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay, it’s my favorite song still, but enjoy the rest of the album I guess. Buy it if you like it on June 28th.

I get it Roscoe. West Side. Whatever.

Source and Download: G.M.A.D.


Big Sean – Home

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Hip-Hop
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I wasn’t ever a HUGE fan of Big Sean, but it was easy to tell that he had a big future ahead of him. I hope this is a good indicator of what the Finally Famous album will be like. Album comes out June 28th, let’s all twiddle our thumbs and wait together, shall we?

Updated: The Soundcloud link is broken but you all seem to want to hear this song still, so here’s a Youtube link that’ll probably be taken down in about 24 hours. Good luck. And sorry for the tags, but you were late and this is all that I can find. Deal with it