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Don’t look at me, I personally didn’t leak the album. And it’s leaked, what do you want me to do about it? I will say, definitely go out and buy the album on May 23rd and support support support these guys.

Edit: I chose some harsh words. Somebody ruined my day be acting like they’ve been listening to Pumped Up Kicks for forever but in reality I know they didn’t hear it till about 1 month ago. Act like you’ve known it for however long you’ve actually known it for, then maybe I won’t get so mad. This is still a little scolding, I’ll stop right here.


The only thing I can say about Foster the People is that they are like a plane that’s about to take off, so do not miss out on this. Except I’m pretty sure most of the people redaing this now already know that, but if you didn’t, now you know.

Funny how I say that and the first Foster track I put up is The Knocks remix. But The Knocks are pretty noteworthy too (Uh, Dancin with the DJ is an effin TRACK). Anyways, check this out if you haven’t already. And I know I’ve put up a few remixes already, but trust me, I will only put up the best of the best remixes.