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If you don’t like Tyler’s music I have no problem with that. Not everyone likes the same things and I have no problem with that, but the kid has good taste in music himself. Offered yesterday was an hour mix of some of his favorite summertime tracks, and it’s definitely cool. And the whole DJ Stank Daddy thing makes me chuckle.  Play/stream it on a nice summer day while you chill/drive/whatever. I couldn’t find a soundcloud upload until today. Foolish me. Enjoy


Download it here from G.M.A.D.


I have to be the only person working in the entire world. While everyone else is out at the beach, I’m typing this. But happy Memorial day. I’ll try to figure out what this holiday is for by the end of the day. But for now you can listen to this and enjoy the summer weather (hopefully wherever you are it’s nice out).

Sample is from a Sara Bareilles song, Many the Miles